The next step to education is providing jobs for all the individuals in accordance with their qualifications and also based on the skills they possess. This will ensure that people will have a secure life and also motivate them to hone their skills in order to reach new heights in their lives. Unemployment being a very serious issue now than ever, the poor and the rural population are the worst hit. Out of despair, many people are migrating to the cities and are living in dreadful conditions for a meagre amount of money. There are cases of out migration and brain drain in rural areas as well. With the advent of new technology and proper education, employment can be generated in the rural areas too, where people can continue to live with their families and still make a good livelihood. GramHunar acts as a stepping stone for GramUdyami by helping to strike a conversation with the people, learning their problems and addressing them accordingly. The situation can be handled in a much better manner by empowering the people and educating them of the opportunities available to them

What we do?

We identify and train youth,women, differently abled candidates and guide them in terms of selecting the right path for their entrepreneurship journey.

We provide hand holding and mentorship support to all such interested Gram Udyami and make them stand and inspire others.

We believe and observe the ripple effect in doing so; People in rural areas get inspired by others' actions and they also aspire to achieve their dreams.