Together we fight COVID!


1,54,000 masks; 3 districts
avoid transmission of COVID by air particles, high-quality N-95 masks were distributed to all the frontline workers working in healthcare, police personnel, ASHA workers, sanitation workers, administrative officers, and bank employees, among others to ensure their personal safety.

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With the exponential rise in COVID cases, it became a challenge for the frontline workers to continue providing their service for the welfare of people. To ensure their personal safety, GramUrja Foundation distributed PPE kits to frontline workers working in the COVID care centres, like the healthcare workers, crematorium, etc. Primary attention was given to the distribution of kits in government hospitals and primary healthcare centres.

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In several cases, COVID-19 causes a drop in the blood oxygen level. Lack of Oxygen cylinders and a rapid increase in demand led to soaring, unaffordable prices, hitting the rural population the worst.
We procured 25 movable Oxygen concentrators for serving the rural masses. After verifying documents like COVID report, assessing the situation, and estimating the oxygen requirement of the patient, the oxygen concentrator is made available for them. This helps us to provide the necessary support to the patients in the critical hour.

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33 villages; 2000 families; 5300 individuals
This pandemic caused many people to lose their jobs. Without a proper social support system, people like migrant workers, salon workers, nomadic communities, daily wage workers and families who lost their sole breadwinners to COVID were in a financial & health crisis.
With our Dry Ration Support Drive, we aimed to serve those masses and help them have proper food on their plate.

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During this COVID pandemic, many families lost their breadwinners. We undertook an initiative of providing financial assistance to such destitute women and also assistance and guidance to set up livelihood support mechanisms.