In a country where a majority of its population dwell in the rural regions, a myriad of talents can be found buried in here. The only drawback is that we lack the right resources to recognise their ‘Hunar’ and empower them to realise their own worth as well as the contribution they can give to the society.

The ‘Vidyarthi’ in rural areas are exceptionally bright and they possess special qualities and traits. In order for them to break open the shell of poverty and inequality and to make them shine bright in the near future, we need to focus on the basic education of our rural students. This will not only produce an able workforce for the country but will also assist in the formation of responsible citizens who can take care of themselves and also the society. We at GramUrja aim to make this feat possible by working on school improvement program through engagement of stakeholders.

It is our aim to give a proper platform for these students and assist them to raise to their full capabilities.

What we do?

We believe that stakeholder engagement is the crucial factor in transforming schools. We work with the stakeholders like School teachers, School management committee, Gram Panchayat and parents.

Awareness among these stakeholders about their rights, responsibilities and importance will help in sustainable transformation in schools.

We also run students engagement programs such as Gram Sansad, Library on wheels, Sanskar Shibirs, and career guidance programs for their engagement.

Providing the right kind of environment, infrastructural support, career guidance, and mentorship support will make our rural youth shine in future.